Croatia is a fascinating hunting country with many game hunting areas and a beautiful nature. The 27.000 ha hunting area is located in the Northeastern Croatia, not far from the Hungarian border. The area has a strong population of red deers, and deers above 10 kg is not unlikely.


Croatia driven hunts might be Europ’s best driven hunt in open coutryside. The expected outcome is 60-80 wild boar. The minimum hunters is 10, while size of 14-15 can better cover the terrence. The best periode is from 15th November until 15th December.


Croatia can offer a great deal of hunting, and has good populations of roe deer. We can now offer a roe buck hunt on which the hunter himself is able to choose how many bucks he would like to shoot, but 3 to 5 per hunter would be a reasonable number on a 3 day hunt.