Brown Bear

BROWN BEAR: from 1th October to 15th December; from 2nd March to 30th April


The brown-bear ᅠis a mammal belonging to the family of bears. Bear hunting is one of the most challenging sports – combining skill, knowledge and patience to give you one of the most desirable trophies.
Trophies can be from 350 – 400 CIC average, that is from 200-300 kg (440 – 660 inches) average, but they can be up to 400 kg (880 inches).ᅠMajority of the harvested bears are in medal range. Among them there are several exceptional trophy bears with 440 CIC points and above. Hunting is recommended during winter and in early spring and the final hunting date is confirmed with the hunting ranger.
Rifled-barrel weapons are used and we recommend weight of bullet 11.50 grams (177 grains).

Male: 150 – 300 kg / 330 – 660 lb
Female: up to 100 kg / up to 220 lb