Hunting grounds

There is a long tradition of hunting tourism in Croatia, and there are a large number of hunting resorts. In central Croatia and Slavonia one can hunt deer, wild boar, martens, foxes, hares, pheasants, wild geese and wild ducks. In Gorski Kotar and Lika there are also opportunities for bear hunting and, in Dalmatia, chamois and Mouflon.
A lot of money is invested into Croatian hunting grounds to ensure that the animals have peace, a natural diet and enough food and drink during droughts and harsh winters or hot dry summers.

All hunting trips are organized according to the Croatian hunting season. The types of hunting in Croatia are traditional (driven game, stalking or high-seat) and often depend on the geographical location and the weather.

Birds are hunted with shotguns either with the help of hunting dogs, beaters, or by waiting. Hunting is strictly regulated and must be carried out in groups of a minimum of 3 people. Shooting is allowed with shotguns (including semi-automatics) and lead pellets charged with a minimum of 28g of pellets.

Big game hunting is usually done with bolt action, lever action and semi-automatic rifles. The exception is wild boar hunting, which can be done with all types of shotguns and combination guns loaded with slugs, at distances of up to 50 meters.
The wild boar is the only type of game that can be shot at while it is moving, and hunted with the use of dogs. All other types of big game can be shot at only when they are stationary and the use of dogs is not permitted.