For foreign persons, a hunting exam or the authorisation to carry hunting weapons issued according to the regulations of their country of provenance is recognised (Regulations on the Conditions and Methods of Hunting, Official Gazette, n.62/06.). On the basis of these documents, the Croatian Hunters Association will issue to foreign hunters a hunting card, issued on the request of the game warden in whose hunting ground the foreign person hunts
for the first time in that calendar year. The hunting card so issued is valid until the end of the calendar year and is valid in all Croatian hunting grounds. A foreign person or group of persons intending to hunt game in Croatia is obliged to first obtain a written invitation to hunt
by the game warden. Foreign persons must obtain the hunting card through the game warden upon first entering Croatia for the purpose of hunting. The hunting card is valid from the date of issue to the end of the calendar year in which it is issued and is valid in
the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. Upon obtaining the hunting card, the game warden may issue the foreign persons with a written consent to hunt on the legal form (Authorisation to hunt game), without which hunting is not permitted. The game warden
or person practicing hunting tourism is obliged to acquaint foreign hunters with all duties and laws issuing from the Regulations of the Hunting Laws (Official Gazette, n.140/05) and subordinate legislation before the killing of game.


Foreign persons transiting through or coming to Croatia for the purpose of hunting may take across a national border crossing weapons and the appropriate ammunition if they are entered in their travel documents. Weapons and ammunition are entered into the travel
documents by the diplomatic mission, that is the consular office of the Republic of Croatia, if the foreign person is authorised to carry those weapons according to the regulations of their
country of residence. If the weapons and ammunition are not entered into the travel Documents, the border police will issue an authorization for the import of the weapons if the foreign person possesses the authorization to carry those weapons according to the Regulations of their country of residence. Foreign persons importing hunting weapons into Croatia must have a written invitation from the game warden of the hunting ground in which
they will be hunting. Game may be killed only with hunting weapons and hunting cartridges appropriate to the strength and resistance of the species of game hunted. Hunting weapons are considered to be hunting rifles, guns and revolvers. Big game may be killed only with grain from long hunting weapons with grooved barrels, and wild boar with grain also from hunting weapons with smooth 10, 12, 16 or 20 calibre barrels. It is forbidden to kill game with automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons with smooth or grooved barrels if the magazine can contain more than two cartridges (Hunting Laws).

Export of Trophies

Game trophies may be taken out and exported from hunting grounds and from Croatia with a legal trophy list and a certificate stating the origin of the game, issued by the game warden of the hunting ground where the trophy was acquired, and with the veterinary certificate
hvi32-5 A EU for bird and even-toed ungulate trophies comprised of whole, untreated parts, and the veterinary certificate hvi32-4 A EU for treated trophies of birds or even-toed ungulates. Trophies of game within the group of five points less than the national champion may be exported from Croatia if they have a grading by the Trophies and Exhibitions Committee of the CIC . With a certificate stating the origin of the game, the hunter may export from Croatia for personal use up to 10kg of game (products of animal origin for personal use

Hunting dogs

Foreign citizens hunting on Croatian territory may use hunting dogs registered in the countries from which they arrive, having passed the relevant exams according to the regulations of those countries. When crossing the border, the owner or guide of the hunting dog must possess a passport for the dog.